Monday, March 21, 2016

Another Vacation - Day 1

I'm feeling pretty spoiled these days. Just 4 months after I got home from the trip of a lifetime to Ireland, I'm off again, this time with the fam!  

I wasn't going to blog this trip, because I wasn't sure who really would want to read about another vacation, but I seriously can't stop taking pictures. So here we go. I'm technically already a few days into this one, so I have a little catching up to do.  

As Maria Von Trapp would say, "let's start at the very beginning.  A very good place to start."

We left Duluth on Thursday night, when Morgs was done with dance class.  The drive to Minneapolis was a little scary actually, with snow covering the roads for a bit. Good thing we were getting out of dodge and heading to warmth!!

We had to catch the 3:30 AM shuttle from our hotel to the airport to make our 6:25 flight to Seattle. Of course we checked in and got through security with no issues. So what do you do when you get to your gate 1.5 hours before your flight boards?? Knit!  (Well, that's what I do.)

Buh bye MN!  

Good morning sun!

Hard not to be excited when you are headed on spring break somewhere warm!

Seriously?  Hello mountains. You are pretty. 

Really pretty.

Hmm.  Long flight.  What should I do?

I mean, come on.  This scenery?  I heart traveling.

We took off from Seattle for Ohau with a few stressful moments due to no seat assignments until really after we boarded the plane, but it was nothing that a free Mai Tai and a Robert DeNero movie couldn't cure.

Card game with my girl to help pass the time...

I see an island!

Diamond Head!

Arizona Memorial!

And a submarine!  All before our plane even landed.  Yep, I think this trip was probably a good idea.

There's just something about Palm trees.  Amiright?


Out to dinner on our first night to Plantation Tavern for some local cuisine and brew.

And I couldn't tell you everything that was in this drink that I ordered, but I can tell you that I didn't leave a drop in it.

Andy got some garlic shrimp,

We shared some pork fried rice.

And some clams!

So yummy!

So, I'm sorry if you don't care to see all about another vacation, but I'm going to document all the fun stuff here, for myself as much as anything else!

So far the time change has been a little tricky to adjust to.  It's about 8 pm here right now and I'm fighting to stay awake since it's 1 am at home right now, but I think I might have to give in and hit the sack. More tomorrow!



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