Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 5 - Relaxing and a luau!

Yes, I'm certainly getting used to this.

There's always time for my morning walk, and then I get to do this after I get back.  What's not to love about THAT?

We have been making fun of this guy every day.  Directly down from our balcony is the employee parking lot.  Dude covers his car every day.  Good for him because I'm sure the salty air does a number on the paint job, but we still make fun of him.  Hehe.

Today we rented a paddle board.  How fun!

We are gettin very good at beachin' it. 

Look at me!  I did so good, until it was time to get off and a wave came up behind me and knocked me right on my butt.  Good times.

Can't go wrong laying under a palm tree.

All dressed up and ready for our luau!  What happened to my babies?

Pig for dinner? Yes please.

My boys.

The chief welcomed us to his table and explained lots about the Polenesian culture.

Dinner music...

Love them so much!

A beautiful buffet for us, full of delicious food.

Rice, pork, BBQ chicken, Mahi Mahi, beef, fresh pineapple, potato salad, lohi lohi, and of course poi.

I'm hoping the videos work for you! 

Lots of great entertainment!

So much fun to watch.

Breathtaking, as the sun went down.

Mahalo, chief.  The night was magical!



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