Friday, April 4, 2014

Put a Fork in Her!

She's done!

This sweater.  Oh this sweater.

What can I say about this sweater?  I don't know the exact date that I started it, but it was a long, long time ago.  I think it was near two years ago.  That's a long time in knitting years.  Practically 20.

I took a basic sweater construction pattern, calculated a whole lot of math on it (obviously incorrectly, since I did they whole dang thing as a crewneck first, and it came out approximately elephant size, and I tore the whole thing out, but I can't talk about that any more.) found a pretty colorwork pattern that I liked, did some more math, and set on my way.  I bought way too much yarn because I was deathly afraid of running out of the dye lot.  I believe I have 2.5 skeins of the blue, and 1.5 of the white left over.

But I persevered! She traveled with me to hockey tournaments, dance competitions, visits to sissy's house, visits to the in-laws, countless chemo and hospital visits, and plenty of couch time.

And now she's done.  All the way.  Except for blocking.  But I had to wear her to work one day, which probably is the reason for the cursed snowfall we've experienced this spring.  It's all my fault.  Maybe now that she's done, the snow will also be done?  We can only hope.

Pattern: The Incredible Custom Fit Raglan
Yarn: Sweet Delight Baby in Infant Teal and Angel
Needles: size 3





  1. YEEEEAH!!! (imagine that in a full lunge with jazz hands in the air) I LOVE LOVE LOVE the colors! I hope you wear that to the studio sometime so I can see it... :)

    1. This comment made my day! Totally could hear you. Haha! Thanks Katie!