Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Another week of photos!

Here's week #2 of the photo challenge!  I'm doing ok so far, but I'm actually slipping a little this week.  I still have to take photos for yesterday and today.  Oops!

For now, enjoy last week's snapshots...

1. This is the {landscape} on my street.  I cheated on this, and asked Andy to go take this picture for me.  So that's his finger in the corner.  I guess you get what you pay for.  :)  I'd like to believe all this snow will be gone soon, but in reality, there is another 9 inches in the forecast for tonight.  Joy.

2.  My {obsession}.  No surprise here.  The doily on my coffee table was something we found at mom's house when we were cleaning it out.  My Great Grandma Kay made it, and I adore it.

3.  {Little things}  Sometimes I love the little extra crunch french fries at the end of the basket.  Sometimes they are a waste of time.  This day they were delicious.  And I ate every last one of them.

4.  {faceless}  This picture isn't very true to life.  She usually loves having her picture taken, so I had to instruct her to do this when I told her I needed her faceless photo.  hehe.  Homework is a little more enjoyable on the new couch that was just delivered though!

5.  Yes, this was a late night picture, when I remembered that I hadn't taken one for the day yet.  Jimmy Fallon is {blurry} with the help of Instagram.  I love what the filter did to the curtain colors too.

6.  Saturday we got to go to the most jazzed up princess birthday party I've ever seen.  Cinderella was even there.  Miss Ellyann turned 5 and we got to help her celebrate.  The photo prompt for today was {tulips} but unfortunately we are so far from the tulips even poking through the ground here, that this was as close to tulips as I could get.

7.  This is how I spent {my Sunday}.  It was delightful.  Knitting, laundry, time on the new couch, and Season 6 of Mad Men on Netflix to prepare for the Season 7 premier coming on at 9:00.  Fantastic!

The prompts seem to be a little more challenging this week, and that's good, I suppose.  I'm going to have to get a little creative!

I'm headed into this Easter week with mixed emotions as we are trying hard to sell Mom's house, and are quickly approaching the 1 year anniversary of the day Dad died.  It snowed hard that day, so I suppose it's only appropriate that there is snow in the forecast this year too.

Dance performances are in full swing, and I get to spend some time blinging out some more costumes, which I'm very much looking forward to.  We have a few very busy weekends coming up, which will help me get through this last hump of cold icky weather, and shoot me into the spring, which always makes me feel better.  It sure would be nice to see some tulips peeking up soon!



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