Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Brynn's Sweater

Do you know how much I love knitting for babies?  A really lot. Like huge.

I was so excited to find out that Brynn was a girl kind of baby. Girl babies are super fun to knit for. 

There are so many more patterns out there for girl babies than there are for boy babies.  

As you can imagine, baby sweaters are much faster to knit than grown up sweaters. They require much less yarn, too. 

The project is very portable, which makes it easy to take to work and bust out a few rows on your lunch break. 

I can't get over the smallness and cuteness of little baby sweaters. 

And I kinda like that feeling at the baby shower when the gift is opened and everyone ooos and ahhs over the cuteness of something you made!

I hope you wear it for a long time, Brynn. Let me know when you need another, k?




  1. Beautiful sweater - I love the buttons! Handmade gifts are the best.

    1. Thanks Shelly! They are so much fun!