Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Welcome to the World, Baby Brynn!

Sunday afternoon we finally got to meet the newest Hooper!

Uncle Luke took his turn holding her.

Soo good to see family we haven't seen in too long!

I remember setting Andy in the arms of these two guys 13 years ago, and they both looked terrified.  Your turn now!

The new daddy had to open all the gifts.

"Um, this is my first baby shower, so I don't really know what I'm supposed to say.  Thank you everyone for coming!"  You did good, Ben.

It doesn't get any more perfect than this.  I could have held her for hours. 

Two Brynns are better than one, right??

Snuggling up with Daddy.  (Sorry for the weird lighting on some of these.  Indoor pictures are waaaay trickier to master than outdoor!)

Brynn, hang out with this one, and she'll teach you all about dancing and boys!


And how to make delicious cupcakes for baby showers!

All four cousins together!  Soon to be five!

Um, when did my kids get so big?

Carson, you Crack. Me. Up.  Seriously.  Can't get one ounce cuter!

Our visit was too short, but it was so good to see everyone.  Thanks for coming to Brynn's shower!



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