Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Stuff I'm Happy About Today

1.  I got a new iPhone yesterday.
2.  I ordered a Christmas present online for someone and it came a few days ago.  I think I nailed it.  This person is gonna love this gift, and I get to watch this person open it.
3.  I finished a sweater for myself yesterday.  It's too small, but I'm still happy that it's done.  And it will fit someday soon.
4.  Yesterday when I asked Morgan what she wanted for Christmas, her response was, "I don't know mom, I don't really NEED anything."  I think I might build off of this...  ideas are brewing.
5.  Parenthood is on tonight.
6.  The Bachelor, American Idol, and Dance Moms all have new seasons beginning in January.
7.  I get to shop for a new iPhone case pretty soon, when all the Christmas shopping is done.
8.  People have visited my blog 7486 times.  42 people read it yesterday.
9.  I also finished a scarf for myself yesterday.  I get to wear it to Andy's hockey game that begins in a little more than an hour.
10.  Tomorrow is a new day, and I know it will be better than today.
11.  The tree is still standing, and I know that soon wrapped gifts will be below it that I get to watch everyone open!




  1. This list rocks. It makes me really happy. I love and am very glad you are my friend. xo

  2. Well, I can't really beat Tricia's comment so forget it!