Wednesday, December 5, 2012

I bet you miss me talking about hockey, right?

I can finally post it!
First of all, we're serious here in MN.  No second chances.  Do not shake or hang from the glass, man.  You will be tossed.  No messin around.
A couple of weekends ago we traveled north about an hour for a couple of hockey games.
I love watching my boy play hockey.  Have I mentioned that before?  Hmm?
This team this year is awesome.  See where she's hanging out boys???
Gotta listen to coach.  He knows what he's talking about.
Sportsmanship is KEY.  Remember my post about sportsmanship last year?
Team pizza parties are also key.
As is my son making a dorky face when I want to take his picture.
One more game to play in a little while?  Pound the Mountain Dew, boys!
(are you singing the song now, too?)
Next up, another game.  Save, save, save, and save.  Two shutouts in a row that day.  It was a good day for hockey.  The team really began to look like a TEAM.  Awesome help from the defensive lines.  Offensive players passing, and being right where they are supposed to be.  It was so fun to watch!
yep.  key.
Back home for one more game the next day to close out the weekend.
The score didn't end up quite as good as the two previous games, but it was another fight to the end.
Out of the bajillion hockey pictures I took that weekend, this one just might be my fave.  I call it, "Eat My Dust, Boys!"

Ahhh, it's a good day for hockey...



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