Monday, November 19, 2012

It's a Rock N Roll Christmas...

If there is one thing writing this blog has taught me, it's that I'm a creature of habit.  Since my blog had it's first birthday, I find that I'm writing about the same darn events that we did last year!  Not that it's a bad thing, I'll just have to try and keep it interesting for you!

Last Friday night was the annual Christmas City of the North Parade.

Parents, teachers, and dancers made their way through downtown Duluth.

Our theme this year was "Rock N Roll Christmas".

Our rock stars danced their little booties off!

It was certainly one of the warmest parade days I can ever remember.  Including those when I was back in high school and was worried about my flute sticking to my lips as I marched in this very parade.

I think this was my favorite theme and costume year that our dance studio has ever done.  They looked SO CUTE!

We even had a "boy band" up on the float with their light up instruments.  The fans went wild!

The energy was incredible this year.

And the choreography was great!

I know these dancers had so much fun.  They always do.

It's fun to shine!

Great job dancers!  I'm very proud of you.  You looked awesome!



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