Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Vacation in Pictures

I'm still on vacation hangover.  Going through my pictures tonight for this post didn't really help.  It just makes me wish I was back there even more.

Departure day started with a trip to Buffalo Wild Wings to kick things off right.

We arrived at our house, and the girls immediately found their "hang out".

As did I. 

Oh, don't mind if I do!

She even let brother on the hammock!

I know I mentioned it before, but this vacation really was perfect.  I spent it with awesome family and friends.  I relaxed.  It had been a while.

The view was really breathtaking from our deck.  I don't often get to sit in one spot and just watch the sunset change colors.

It was high class when we wanted it to be.

My two favorite guys in the whole wide world.

We took a few silly self portraits during cuddle time.

The wine was delish.

The covered boat lift was awesome, and the lake water in our bay was bathtub temperature.

Blooming lily pads everywhere.

Boat?  who needs a boat??

The loon family was never far from us all week.  I totally didn't mind when they'd wake me up in the morning.

Silly boy.

We spent LOTS of time in the boat, or on the water in some way.

I love it when my feet are up.  LOVE it.

Knee boarding,

So much fun.

Except this part.  I believe Scott called it the Stairway to Heaven because he knew the cold beer was at the top of it.  119 steps, because I know you were wondering.

The girls wanted to have one fancy dinner night, so we decided to do some pictures on the deck while everyone was lookin' fine.

This is what happens when I tell my children to stand next to each other nicely for a picture.

Pick.  Pick.  Pick.


I finally got this one, and didn't even have to bribe them with anything.  I know he loves her to pieces.

Time for fancy dinner, complete with menus!

The girls may or may not have learned a little bit about how to work behind a bar.  Just sayin.


Nobody would kiss him.  Poor froggie. :(

Back out on the water for tubing fun!

There are about 257 pictures of goofy expressions and kids flying.  I'll spare you and just share a few of my favorites.

Making memories!!

Our house from the lake.

This was where I spent most mornings.  Perfection.  Nothing missing at all.  Even a new project!  And my feet up!




  1. If I may coin a phrase - PERFECTION!

  2. LOVE all the photos! I think this blog post may, just may, keep you in the family!!!!!!!!!! xo