Saturday, July 7, 2012

Update on the mud pit that is my yard

We finally spent some time outside working on the yard.  It has been a few weeks since we had the new waterproofing and drain tile put in, and then someone cried 10 inches of rain on us.  We finally had a free day, and there was minimal sinking into the mud when walking through it. 

I started out the shoveling and raking in my flip flops (I know, I know.  I was being careful!) until I sunk in a soft spot up three inches above my ankles.  I almost had to say goodbye to the left flop forever, but thankfully Morgan found it and dug it out for me, since it didn't come out of the hole with my foot.

Being the smarty pants that I am, I changed the whole tone of the day by saying how much I was enjoying my mud bath at the Hooper Spa.  Honestly, it was pretty fun to walk barefoot in the gooey mud.  The work didn't seem too bad then.

But, still a little yucky.

We raked and raked and raked (and I have a blister to prove it!) and seeded, and layed the erosion control blanket over to keep the seed in place.  Need some?  Go to Brock White!  I know a guy there.

We raked some more....

and seeded...

"Wait mom!  Get an action shot!"

I kept wanting to sing, "Feed the birds, tuppence a baaaag."  But I didn't.  Because it was grass seed and not bird seed, and it didn't come in a bag, and Morgan would have thought I was a dork.

We layed more blanket.

and more...

And more.

and more!

Then we staked it down with biodegradable pins that are made out of plant starch!  How cool.  No rusty spots in our new grass from metal pins, and they will just go away over time.  I don't have to go back later and hunt for them and pull them out of the ground.

Need some?  Go to Brock White!  I know a guy.

So we did all this work, and got sweaty and sunburned (well I did) and tired.  When we were done we all cried because we still had the whole other section of the back yard to do.  Waaaah!  It will have to wait for another day.

But then we got to finish up at the Hooper Spa.

The mud soak was done,

and it was time for the exfoliating foot rub.

Now, I realize it looks like Morgan did the majority of the work here.  Well, maybe she kinda did.  But I have a blister.  She doesn't.  And someone had to take the pictures.  I mean, there is a BLOG to think about here.


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  1. ya we got somemore of it done today but one more spot by Decker:(