Thursday, August 2, 2012

Writer's Block?

I guess I have writer's block.

I keep telling myself I should really write a blog post.  I love sharing bits of what we've been up to, and getting comments back on it, but since we've returned from vacation, there really hasn't been much. 

Baseball is over, there has been hardly no hockey, and nothing for dance.  I have been knitting quite a bit (I do have two finished projects to show you, but my one attempt at taking picutres of them failed pretty bad due to poor lighting...) and we've been watching the Olympics. 

But that's about it. 

I didn't think you really wanted to hear about that load of laundry that I did one day and it sat for so long that we had pretty much worn everything right out of it instead of folding it and putting it away.  Or that the other day Andy unloaded the dishwasher without being asked.  Or that we moved a portion of the pile of deck pieces from the side yard finally, and that the grass we planted is coming in very nicely.

It has been SO nice.  Low-key.  Normalcy.

But at the same time, I kind of miss it.  I have barely seen my hockey mom friends because we havn't been at the rink for so long.  My car is feeling very confused that it hasn't made the trek to the dance studio in two months (when else am I going to listen to my new Carrie Underwood CD??).  I can't sit at the baseball field and work on my tan anymore.  I haven't been able to watch my kids participate in the sports that they love!  Instead, I see them melt into piles of goo in front of the TV.  Yippie.

I still find myself getting home from work feeling like we need to Hurry Up and get dinner on the table so we can get on to whatever evening activity there is that night, but lately there hasn't been much.

But it will be over very, very soon, and they will be back to school, and back to a routine again.  I haven't had to bug anyone about getting homework done, if they need more lunch tickets, or had the eye roll of death when I actually made them go to bed at a certain time.

So for now we are just enjoying the summer.  It's been hot.  But nice.

Maybe next week I'll have something more to say.



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