Monday, July 23, 2012

Things I learned on vacation...

I am back.  Dangit.  I sure wish I wasn't.

Here are some things I learned while on vacation:

1.  It takes my white northern Minnesota skin approximately 27 minutes to turn from white to red at 10 AM.
2.  There isn't enough fuel in the world to propel a boat dragging a tube with my children in it to where they'd be tired of it.
3.  If you are going to rent a house in the middle of a record breaking hot July that doesn't have air conditioning, make sure there are good fans.
4.  Going down 119 steps to get to the lake isn't the hard part.  Going up is.  Make sure you pack a cooler and go to the bathroom before the trip down.
5.  When Nate drives a jet-ski with you on the back and promises not to dump you, he's lying.
6.  I'm not very good at tennis, but I had fun pretending I was.
7.  My daughter is not nearly as afraid of trying new scary things as I thought she was.
8.  Vacationing with BFFs is awesome.
9.  In-laws that let you borrow their boat even when you break a piece on the depth finder, and a prop are a God-send!
10.  Throwing a quick burger on the grill while on vacation is just as good, if not better, than planning a fancy huge meal.
11.  My idea of a perfect vacation is relaxing with your family and friends.  Enjoying the weather, the company, the food, and the drinks.  This was it.
12.  Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez have hit a rocky point in their relationship.  This was discovered during the important "Wine and Magazine Party" that was an essential part of the trip.  Also, Katie had to change her cell number to keep Tom Cruise from pestering her.  It's too bad he turned out to be kindof a weirdo.  I sure loved him in Top Gun.
13.  The bottom side of lily pad leaves are very slimy.
14.  It's best not to put your round tube in the water and try to lean backwards into it from the dock.  I'll just leave this one at that.  Although, I did also learn that my sunglasses will stay firmly planted on my face when doing an impromptu backwards somersault under water.
15.  When your tire has a slow leak, it's best to take a different car to the bar.
16.  It doesn't matter how much planning you do, there will always be too much food.
17.  Boone's Farm DOES explode if you leave it in the freezer for too long.  I can still drink it right from the bottle.
18.  My BFF's teenage son is awesome (though I already knew that) and even hugged me goodbye when the week was over.  That was SO. COOL.  :)
19.  It was the best vacation ever.  It went too fast, and I want to go back right now.

Another post will be coming with pictures soon.  My mother told me my post better be up to "Tricia quality" so I need to take some time to prepare it.  There are 400 pictures and videos to sort through.  I'd hate to be replaced in the family by a new daughter...





  1. Ditto Sister:-) Had so much fun... You guys are so awesome!!!!