Monday, December 5, 2011

Hockey Tourney Season is here.

This weekend was spent in hockey rinks.  Fortunately, our tournament was local.  Which means we don't have to fork over the cash for a hotel room and all the gas to get us there and back.  I'd say we wouldn't have to spend money on eating out, but we did that anyways, so that doesn't really count.

Our team played a total of 5 games over the course of the three days. I am so so so proud of these boys.  I know I've mentioned it before, but taking pictures inside hockey rinks is very difficult, so please bear with me.

They skated really fast.

They shot that puck, and it went in the net.

They made their coach proud!

The kiddo made some amazing saves.  He was right in the center of the frame just a split second earlier, I swear.  It's hard to take pictures and watch your kid in the net at the same time.  Have you ever tried it?  I need practice.

And they won.  And won.  And won.  And won.  FOUR times!  We were headed to the championship game!

A celebration in front of the cheering section!

Time for warmups...  (I wonder if he had as many butterflies as I did?)

Nah...  I don't think so.

Sissy came along to cheer on Brother Bear!


Unfortunately this one ended in a loss.  We'll take 2nd though!  Not to shabby!

Such a fun tournament!  Good, CLEAN hockey.  I am amazed at how these boys have improved in the few short weeks they've been a team.  I'm one proud mama!  Of this...

Can you blame me???

So I know this post is already quite lengthy, but I do need to share one more thing with you.  Hubs sent me an email today that had an article in it with some BRILLIANT words on parenting your child that plays hockey.  It really applies to parenting a child that plays any sport, in my opinion.  I really don't think there is anything in this article that I disagree with.  I am going to keep this handy and try to read it often to remind myself of a few things.  There are a few others that could learn a few things from this as well, but I think I'll just end there without getting too specific.  :)

I strongly encourage you to read this article.  It will stick with me for a long time.  Enjoy!

Hockey on the brain, and LOVIN' it!



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