Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The Hills Are Alive!

I have no idea how many times I've seen "The Sound of Music".  I have memories of watching it in my jammies with my sisters lots and lots of years ago.  The songs would be in my head for weeks after watching it, and I'd sing them and sing them and sing them until everyone in the house would tell me to SHUT UP!  I so wished I was one of those kids in The Family VonTrapp.  Julie Andrews nailed all of those songs, but dang, that was some ugly hair.  :)

Isn't it funny how when you are a kid, you only really pay attention to the good parts of a movie, and although you watch the whole thing, you don't really know the story line, and don't really care about it.  Pretty Woman - Oooo she gets to live in a hotel and go shopping on Rodeo?? COOL!  The Wizard of Oz - sparkly shoes, a cute dog and nice little people that send Dorothy on a walk through the woods!  The Sound of Music - a cool babysitter who teaches the kids to sing!  War?  What war?  Who's Hitler?

Morgan and I were able to score some awesome tickets to the live production of "The Sound of Music" at our local Playhouse for last Saturday.  Knowing that we'd be heading to the show, I borrowed my mom's copy of the movie, and Morgan and I sat down to watch it one night last week.  I was really hoping she'd enjoy it, and it totally had the potential to be one of those situations where the old dorky mom tries to convince the young daughter that something is really cool.  Just give it a chance.  To my delight, she was sucked right in, just as I'd hoped she would be.  She must be much smarter than me when I was her age, because she kept asking questions about what was happening with the war and why people were after the dad.  I just kept telling her to shush.  A good song was coming up.  hehe.

We were both very excited to see the performance.  My sister Erin played in the orchestra.  (Great job Er!  Those were some MEAN clarinet solos you nailed!) 

The actress who played Maria had an absolutely beautiful voice.  I could have listened to her sing all day long!  Sooo good!  (and sorry Julie, but she had waay better hair than you!)

When you are scared of thunder, just think of raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens, and all is good in the world again.

So long, farewell!

Morgie's favorite part!  Mine too when I was little!  "The sun has gone to bed and so must I..."

More singing children...

Oh Leisl.  I know you think you love Ralph, but trust me.  Stay away from boys.  They are nothin' but trouble!!!!!

Don't be sad Father, Maria will come back to us one day!


Ahh, the wedding!  It still makes me laugh that she walked down the aisle to the song How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria?

And Eidelweiss at the music festival!

Morgan was captivated for all three hours of the awesome performance.  I'm so glad we had watched the movie just a few days before so she would recognize the music and know the storyline a bit.  It really was fun to watch, and I think we are so fortunate to have such talent locally.  We can't wait for the next play!

Bravo to all the actors, musicians, and all those that helped out behind the curtain.  We were very impressed!




  1. Awesome! It's so true what you said about "the good parts" of movies : ) I can't wait to indoctrinate Lauren to this movie/play!!!

  2. Yesss! She will love it. It is so fun to have those mom/daughter times!!

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