Monday, December 26, 2011


A few nights before Christmas, we made the trek down to Bentleyville, to view the "tour of lights".  Bentleyville was born in 2001 by Nathan Bentley at his home in Esko, MN.  It has grown every year, moving to Bayfront Festival Park, and hitting nearly the 3 million light mark!  A food and toy drive accompanies the tour every year, and there has never been a charge to attend.  For more info on the history visit The Bentleyville Website Here.  It's such a fun place to go, though very weird this year with no snow!

Don't mind if I do! Thanks!

Pretty tunnels of lights...

In case you needed directions...

Roasting marshmallows

Derek, Morgan, Andy and Emily found Rudolph.

I can't explain Derek.  I guess he loved these lights?

So much time and effort goes into setting all this up each year!



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