Monday, August 19, 2013

The Annual Softball Tourney

I'm about to overload you with photos.  Are you ready?
Since I'm continuing to blog much longer than I ever expected, I realize that there are SO many annual events that we take part in.

Sometimes it seems silly to write up another post on the annual softball tournament.

But then, I remember that I'm not just blogging to tell you what I did last weekend.

I'm documenting my family and how those people that are closest to me are changing right before my eyes.

I'm improving my photograpy skills every time I pick up my camera.

And I think it's pretty cool that I can keep a place online and share my story with everyone.

I have a pretty cool family (including the one I was so lucky to marry into).

We like to do lots of fun things together.

Every single year.

Where else could I document the guys wearing tutus and tube tops when they cause the last out of the inning?

Or how happy popcorn could make a kid?

The phones were ignored when we got to the Wendt farm.

You see, there was just too much to do.

Two boys and a dog...
who really, really liked to search the corn field for the duck dummy thingy.

Cousins drinking beer...

and a red-neck hay bale bonfire.

This photo cracked.  me.  up.  You should see the outtakes.  Trying to keep these two from smirking was not an easy task!

Never too old, right?

Ahh, if only there was a trampoline on stage when trying a firebird in front of an audience, right Morgs?

Inch wormies and adorable cousins deserve a shout out on the blog, no?


Yeah, good thing the tournament is almost over.  The tutu got a little stretched out.

Ohhhh look who showed up!

I swear.  See how blessed I am to have all of this in my life?

We got to have a very funny conversation together.

Moments like this need to be documented and shared.

Because next year, they will look totally different.

I can try to preserve this image in my mind, but it's nice to have it here, too.

Ahhhhh, this one kills me.  Just hangin together.  LOVE this.

 And then it was time to go, and it made everyone grouchy.  (but still so stinkin' cute)
Don't be too grouchy, Brynn.  We will see you again soon!
I love me some Hooper family time!!


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