Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Verona, WI

Maybe some day in this lifetime I'll be able to tell you about my weekend sooner than on Wednesday.  Maybe not.

So, I had great intentions of taking tons of great pictures this past weekend on our trip down to Verona to visit my sister and her family, so I could finally blog about something other than Dad's status (which I will do at the end of the post).  I finally got the camera hooked up to the computer today on my lunch break, and am laughing hysterically at the crappy pictures I took!  Every one of them was either totally blurry, photobombed, or had people looking off in every different direction.  Oh well.  If anyone needs a few laughs right now, it's my family. :)

Photobomb #1.  I think TJ lives to say "touche" and to photobomb pictures.  Poor Cleo.  It was her First Communion day, and she has to put up with a brother like this, with a mop of hair on that head.

Photobomb #2.  Trying to get a decent picture of all of the cousins that were present, and "Ethel" (just kidding, I have no idea what her name is) felt the need to be one of the cousins, I guess.  And TJ clearly loves being there.  Also, why don't you ever realize how crooked your own son's glasses are until you are looking at the pictures four days after they were taken???

Photobomb #3.  Thank you TJ.

Finally, a good one!  I really do love this picture!  :)

Here are some others from my phone from various points in the weekend:

Yes this happened.  For real money.  No, not mine, Morgan's.  My kids are awesome.

We stopped for gas and this life size dinosaur almost ate my whole car.

We went thrifing and found some cooooool stuff.  My sissies are awesome.
(do bunny ears count as a photobomb??)

Then we went to Costco on a Saturday afternoon.  That was quite an experience.  There were a LOT of people there.  It was busy.

And then the Angels sang to me so sweetly that they earned the capital A in the word Angel that I just typed.  Twice.  This beer was very cold, and very delicious.  Leini's new Canoe Paddle.

I love these two!  :)

Congrats on your First Communion, Cleo.  Thanks for letting us come and stay with you and be there for it!

So, not much is new on Dad's status.  He's still in ICU, and still grouchy.  They keep telling him that it should just be one more day in ICU.  Just one more day.  But no such luck.  He finally got to have a strawberry shake yesterday (praise Jesus!), but his blood sugar is still too high from the steriods that he's on, so I guess they are waiting for that to stabilize more.  The poor guy has to have his blood checked every hour.  His fingers are so poked up that I'm surprised they still have blood left in them to check.  He had the staples removed from his surgery finally, and the incisions are looking pretty good, just a little draining from one, which they are watching and taking care of.  I finally figured out that he was asking me for a shake the day I visited him and he was intubated.  He was making the drinking motion, and all I could guess was water or Diet Coke, but he was shaking his head that those weren't right.  I couldn't figure out what he was asking for.  Sorry Dad.  It would have been a little difficult to drink a shake while intubated anyways.  :)

That's it for this time.  I get to get away this coming weekend too, with my BFF Angela and I absolutely can't wait.  I'll try to tell you about my weekend before next Wednesday, too.



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