Sunday, April 7, 2013


Dad's ventilator tube and feeding tube were both removed yesterday (yay!) and he has shown some improvements.  He wanted a strawberry shake waiting for him, which was there, but sadly he hasn't been able to drink it yet due to unstable blood sugar levels.

He is going between the external ventilator (Danielle, what is that called?) and just the oxygen tube to his nose.  They were hoping to move him out of ICU by this evening, but he has had some wacky oxygen and blood pressure readings, so until those stabilize a little better, it looks like he will be staying put.  Honestly, that's ok with me because it's nice to have ONE doctor overseeing his entire case.

I just got back from a quick trip to Madison to attend my niece/goddaughter's first communion, so I haven't been to visit Dad in a few days.  I will go see him tomorrow after work.  The word on the street is that he's still pretty cranky.  Pretty sure I would be too.

Thanks again everyone for your comments, thoughts, and prayers!  We all appreciate every single one of them!



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  1. good news! Hope you had a blast (and much needed I'm sure) visit with your sissies! xo Love you and miss you!