Monday, August 20, 2012

Thrifting, Hunting, Softball, and a Bonfire!

What a bad blogger I've been lately.  Images are piling up on my camera, and I just haven't felt like blogging.  Oh well.

I will tell you about a weekend we just had with some extended family.  Lots of fun.

Flea markets are so much fun.  We come to this one once each year, and I thank my lucky stars there isn't one like this near me.  I'm sure I'd spend every Saturday morning here.

Macy loved the bunnies that were for sale.

Home-made Amish furnture, jams, honey, etc were very tempting.

Fresh produce!  Yummm!

and Nate, you are welcome that this 7 week old Chihuahua didn't come home with me.  I couldn't stand the cuteness.  The price was right, she was soo soft and cuddly.  So yeah, you are welcome.

And this little litter mate was born blind.  Oh I wanted to give her a home so bad!  But I knew Nate wouldn't speak to me if I had, so I held myself back.

Then it was time to go visiti the pregnant donkey at the Wendt farm.  I love coming here every year.  You probably have to know this side of my family to truly understand the experience, but it really is a fun place to be.

For example, what do you do when you have 30-40 people, 5 dogs, and get bored?

Andy wasn't too sure about joining in at first, so he watched from a distance on top of the hay bale...

Gopher hunting!  Yes.  Gopher hunting.  Just like Caddyshack, only less explosive.  Tootsie is a born gopher hunter.  She knew exactly what to do.

Oooo!  Action over here!  Hurry!

A successful hunt.

Nothing left to do but grill it up.  This really really turned my stomach over, but like I said, you probably have to know my family...

At least we know how to serve it up in style!  No, I didn't try any.  Couldn't bring myself to.  It doesn't get much more redneck than this.

Luckily there was plenty of other food there for us to eat.  We even ate fresh sweet corn from the fields.  It was the sweetest corn I've ever eaten.  No butter or salt required!

Thank you Steve and Mandy for hosting the party again this year!

Off to the ball fields.  Go Uncle Nate!

Such good buddies!

LOVE this picture.  This says it all, right here.

Jay was our pitcher...

Andy and Morgan got to help Carson run the bases after our game.

But this time, "Carson do it!"  Keep up, Andy!

More good buddies!

Then it was time to go back to the farm for a hay bale bonfire!

Simply mesmerizing...

Night time hay bale running!

I have approximately 237 pictures of this bonfire.  Heather was loving the pitchfork and making the flame bigger!

FYI, driving your bobcat through the bonfire looks really, really cool, but probably isn't very safe.

After looking through 237 pictures of a bonfire and trying to pick a few for your blog, you really start to see images in the flames.  Do you see the little puppy on the right looking on at the big flames?

Another fun weekend with family, making memories.  Lovin this summer!!!