Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Second Annual Blueberry pick!

Last week we took another trip to Blackbirds and Blueberries, a local blueberry farm owned by some dear friends' parents.

If you recall, our trip last year was very fun, and proved very fruitful.

So on a beautiful Monday evening, we headed out once again to see what we could find.  Isn't he cute?  Or maybe it's a she?  I dunno but I almost took it home with me.

I was glad to have Morgan along with me to keep me company (and sissy in the background!).  Although listening to the other pickers conversations was interesting too.  There was an expectant mother with a friend a few rows over and they were discussing all the things expectant mothers are expected to talk about.  I loved hearing the excitement and yet worry in her voice as she debated the color of curtains, car seat directions, and stroller brands.  It sure seems like yesterday that those were the most important thoughts running through my head too.

We moved over to another row where the berries were also abundant.  We listened to an older gentleman explain to the person he was with that his mother had the best pie crust recipe in the world, but it wasn't written down, and he's never been able to duplicate it since she passed.

And then the owners were talking to everyone how we all should have been here last week because there were so many more!  And they were twice the size!  Really G?  More than this?  Well, I got more than my share, and they were gorgeous.

I almost lost my helper a few times in the bushes.

Thankfully I didn't, because she picked one of these whole buckets, and I did the other.  That's 10.5 pounds of juicy blue goodness.

And now the work begins.  Now, I know what some of you are going to say.  "Nancy, I thought you didn't cook???"  Well, my kind of cooking is PB & Js.  So with the help of hubs and Morgs, we decided to tackle blueberry jam this year.

Seriously, what did we do before the internet??  Do you see my phone right there with the recipe up on it?  How awesome is that?  Who needs cookbooks anymore??

The colors on these are pretty funky because it was getting dark outside so I used my flash.  It wasn't nearly this pink.

This is simply pureed blueberries.  Nothing yet added at this time. 

Look mom!  THREE pots going on my stove at one time!  And all four burners being used at once!  There's a first time for everything, right? 

I found this cool site online that told me you could substitute most of the sugar you add with natural fruit juice.   So I did one batch with a little sugar and some peach juice.  It turned out SO GOOD.  The other batch is fully loaded with sugar though.  We wouldn't want to go too healthy here.

Somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 pints later, and we are good to go!  How freaking satisfying is it to sit down after removing your jars from the canner and hearing each and every one of them pop to seal shut??

Thank you for loaning me your supplies mom.  I was going to give you your jars back, you didn't need to go label them so permanently.  ;) 

(Seriously though - these are some kickin old school Mason jars that I really DON'T want to give back.  Ever.)

Anybody want a sandwich?




  1. OMG! I am so impressed. I love the name "Blackberries and Blueberries"....love the mason jars and love the comment "we wouldn't want to keep it too healthy" !!!!!! miss you boo!