Thursday, September 3, 2015

The Patio Goes In

Moving right along to the next piece of this puzzle, the patio.

I might miss the fun machinery in my yard when this is all over.  Then again, I might not.

Zach and his crew were back to work on the patio where the hot tub will eventually sit, and some of the landscaping that will surround the new deck.  We needed the sidewalk and the patio installed before the stairs could go in to the deck.

They are hard workers, and know what they are doing, I tell ya.  I'm so glad the weather cooled down for them!  It was scorching out there for a while!

I hope this video works.  Morgan got a time lapse of the fellas installing the pavers!  I'm sure they wished it really went this fast.  What a system they have!

All done and sanded to keep them from moving!

'Member all those boulders that were in my driveway?  Yep, I knew I'd love them once they were in place.  

I think my girls love them too.  They add so much to this space!

It's really starting to come together, and I'm IN LOVE with everything.

Next up, the finishing touches on the deck, and I just might get to eat a meal on it!



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