Thursday, September 10, 2015

The Final Deck Stages!

I'm happy to report that my yard doesn't look like this anymore:

There is still a lot of dirt, but there are less miscellaneous pieces of wood and decking material and saw horses laying around.

This dirt.  Oh this dirt.  It just doesn't want to stay outside.  It just wants to creep right in the front door and all over my kitchen.  

On the plus side, it's less to mow right now??

Another plus?  The deck.  Is done.  I still can't quite believe it.  These two girls are pretty happy to relax in the sunshine, even though it's dirty.  

My planters are installed, my railings are installed, and my furniture is in place.  It's lovely.  Really lovely.  And the girls don't have to relax on the dirty floor anymore.  (Plus it's not so dirty anymore.)

This is like having another room added on to our house!  

Grass seed has been planted, and covered, and little blades are already starting to peek through.

Hopefully it will come up nice and thick and strong next summer!

This.  In the morning.  On my new deck.

And this.  In the evening.  On my new deck.  

And this.  All the time.  On my kitchen floor.  But not for much longer.

Yes, it would have been nice to have it all done a little sooner in the summer since we only get about 3 months of nice weather here.  But the warm temps have been holding on for us, and we've been taking full advantage of the finished product.  Well worth the wait, and next summer will be awesome!

Zach and his crew are coming back next week to plant some shrubs in the rocky areas near the house, and then the last piece is getting the hot tub back in place.  Unfortunately we tried filling it with water this past weekend in it's current temporary home inside the garage, and have discovered that it has a slow leak somewhere.  Most likely from a frozen pipe over one of the winters that it was stored and not being used.  So we have to have someone come out and give us his opinion on if we should try to fix it, or get something new.  I'm really hoping the first option is the one he recommends.  Fingers crossed!



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  1. Your new deck looks beautiful! A completed project always feels great!