Tuesday, August 18, 2015

There is nothing fast about getting a new deck.

I don't know if you remember way back to THIS post about the water troubles I had in my yard, but it was not a happy time on the Hooper homestead.  Water is good for you to drink, it is fun to swim in, and it keeps us clean, but it is not good when it saturates your clay filled yard, seeps into your basement, and makes your deck heave.

We were able to waterproof the basement back then (you probably shouldn't look at the date to see just how long ago it was), but unfortunately the funds were not there to fix the deck, which had heaved so much that the hot tub had become unusable.  Also, when they had to dig up the ground around the house, they had to cut out part of the deck so they could get to the house.  So my deck was left to look like this after the project was done:

So the deck looked like this for a long, long time.  I decided it was cruel to make the neighbors look at it like that for another year, so we pulled it down.  Demo is fun, but still a lot of work.

My boys like using power tools, I think.

Maybe we just waited so long to pull it down until Andy was strong enough to help with hauling the wood away?  Sure, I'll go with that story.

It sure looked different from inside the kitchen without that big wall up!

Almost all down!  It was a big project to get it all down and taken away, but we did it.

Then our favorite landscapers came and knocked the posts out for us, which were way shorter than we were told they were, and filled in with some dirt to prep for the new deck to come!

And this is how it sat for a very, very long time.  Sorry neighbors, but it's better than looking at the old, falling down deck, right?

I am happy to report that big things are finally happening on this very spot right now, so I finally feel like it's time to blog about it, so you didn't have to wait years for an update.  Stay tuned, friends!



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