Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Framing and Floor Boards!

The next part of this long process really was exciting, as things started to take shape nicely.

The framing was put up pretty much in one day, and it was nice to be able to see the size in real life, not just in my head anymore.

I think it was about 95 degrees outside when these poor guys were working on this.  I was worried about them overheating, but they assured me they were fine.

When the framing was complete, we were ready for:

Decking materials to be delivered!

I'm sure the neighbors have loved all of the heavy machinery on the street.  Well, it will be worth it in the end, my friends!  

We chose a nice shade of AZEK Decking, which is a composite, maintenance free material that will not have to be painted or stained year after year.  This was one of my biggest pet peeves about the old deck - it was a big job that should have probably been done every year to make it look decent, but one that we certainly didn't keep up on.  This will only need a power washing every now and then.  Much less work than painting and staining, which fits into my lifestyle muuuuuuch better.

The texture and colors on it are really nice, and I think makes it look more like wood than plastic.

Coming along nicely!

It's finally big enough to sit on!  I've been waiting SO long for this!

Dinner and drinks on the new deck (though not close to being finished) was approved by all.  See Sami?  This is why we've been having all these strangers walking around the house so often.  They aren't just there to torment you and make you bark.  They really are doing great!

Next up, flower planters and some more landscaping!  Such an exciting time!



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