Monday, March 17, 2014

A Weekend Full of Dance!

'Member how I said I was gonna spend the weekend at a dance competition?  Well, I did.

(Sorry if you've seen all of these on Facebook or Instagram already.)
This is Maddi, Megan, and Morgan getting ready to perform their trio, Golden Age.  Yep, those are the costumes I got to bling out for them!  I love how the red feathers added just the right amount of pop!

Of course when you have 12 year olds picking out their own fun hairstyle for their dance, you get tasked with doing this.

Morgan and Hannah.  LOVING those smiles!

Morgan and Carly - Carly taught the girls their trio!

Never enough eyeliner and red lipstick, right girls???

This one was their hip-hop group.  I think there were about 10 other girls in this dance, but we lost them when it was time for a picture!  I'll get you all next time!

I couldn't be a more proud dance mom right now.  Morgan danced in 4 different dances.  Her trio and tap numbers each earned a High Gold placement, and hip-hop and lyrical each earned a Platinum, which is the highest placement!  Hip-hop earned the highest point award, and lyrical earned 1st runner up in their category.  I think they scored AMAZINGLY well considering costumes were still arriving on SATURDAY, and this was really the first time performing some of these dances in full costume in front of people.

They had approximately 12 minutes to change out of their lyrical costumes and into their tap costumes and change their hair, (which is NOT easy when you are going on the third hairstyle of the day, and each requires 10 pounds of cement-like hairspray) but they ALL pulled it off, and did AMAZING!  

We are so lucky to be a part of such a talented, wonderful, fun group of dance families.  Some of the interaction I witnessed this weekend between these girls was so touching, it brought me to tears.  Some of these girls have been dancing together for 10+ years.  For others, it was their first competition experience.  You couldn't tell which was which in that dressing room.  They are truly ALL sisters in a dance family.  When someone comes off the stage in tears for fear they jeopardized a score for their team, they will always have 15 pairs of arms waiting to hug them and give them encouragement.  

Once it was all over and we were on our drive home, Morgan was practically giggling with excitement the entire way.  She kept saying, "THAT was SO fun."  That's why I do this for her.  She is having the time of her life.  She's learning so much about being an athlete, a team member, a friend, and a confident performer.  I am SO lucky and thank my stars every night that I'm fortunate enough to be able to give that to her.

And then at the end of the night when she was going to bed, she thanked me for the entire weekend.  Which made every penny, car ride, red feather, and lost tube of eyeshadow 100% worth it.

I love you, Morgie Pie.  Thank YOU for making me so proud!



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