Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Football Season is Here.

Which means there is something new to blog about!

Last night was our first scrimmage, which was really run more as a practice since we just pretty much scrimmaged ourselves.

I will admit that football isn't my favorite sport to watch.  But when your kid is playing it, it gets a whole lot more interesting.  

Andy took last year off, but decided he'd like to give it another try this year,

So there have been practices after school almost every day so far.  He is exhausted when he gets home, and all of his stinky gear stays at the school in the locker room.  Win/Win!!

Coach is awesome.  "You four stooges here in the back row better be paying attention!"

Strategizing... and then they put Andy in for Quarterback for the rest of the day!


I sure wish these football players would realize that my pictures would turn out much better in this drizzly darkish weather if they would just hold still.

If I were going to be a quarterback, I'd much prefer the play where I would stand back a bit and the other guy would throw it to me.

See?  They only stand still for a minute, and then it's just a flurry of motion, very disrespectful to the photographer who hasn't mastered her camera settings yet.

You will have to trust me that my kid is somewhere in the middle of this mess, and that he threw that football up into the air.

Still for a moment...

Still for a moment...

And then everything moves everywhere.

Ahh, well, we still have 6 games left, so hopefully I'll get a little better at this as the season progresses?  We can only hope.  Ha!




  1. Great Pics! I'm THAT parent who relies on mom's like you to take photos.

    1. Ha Ha! Thanks Anna! I'm sure you could convince everyone that your kid is in that super blurry one too. I'll try to get more of Steven on Thursday! hee hee!