Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What's been going on...

I haven't been writing.  That's what hasn't been going on.  And I miss it.  So today, I'll write.  And tell you what I've been doing.

I know this is a huge shocker, but I've been knitting.  Currently it's a sweater on size 3 needles.  In sweater knitting land, that's pretty crazy.  (Or cray cray as the kids are saying these days.)  It's plain white so far, but soon I'll get to start on the colorwork, and that makes me more excited than I should probably admit.

Last night was Andy's first baseball game of the season.  He got a hit just for Grandpa on the very first pitch that was thrown to him, and scored just a few pitches later.  Yes, it's still that brown here.  (Kelly, do you know now why I was oooo'ing and ahhhh'ing over all the green in Verona?)  We do finally have a few blades of green grass peeking through, but there are hardly any buds on the trees yet.

I guess I should be glad we aren't still getting this though, right?  This was three short weeks ago.  As pretty as it is, and as fun as it is to hot tub in the snow, I need warm weather.

I finally got to go to Black Water for sushi and a lavendar martini.  I was craving a lavendar martini so bad that I sucked it down before I could take a picture, so all you get is my empty glass.  Oops!  (it was totally worth it)

I got to go on a little work retreat and hang with some of the silly peeps from the office.  It was nice to unwind!

Bonfire night at the retreat was perfect.  A good temperature outside (a.k.a. no snow) and the mosquitoes haven't hatched yet!  Double bonus!  Also, it's fun to make the fire giant when you aren't the one paying for the wood, or the one who had to chop and split it.

Last weekend we headed to Verona for some Kelly/Tricia time!  The girls spent a much needed Saturday thrifting and garage saling.  Our favorite thing to do!  Our lunch break was at an Irish pub.  You really cannot go wrong with a Snakebite.  Especially when your bartender is so good at pouring them.

Lauren, Tricia, me (and trust me, this is the only kind of Wisconsin hat you'll ever see me sporting) and my Morgie Pie!  No, those are root beers that the kids are having.  I promise.  :)

So although it hasn't been an easy month for me, I've managed to squeeze in some fun too.  Next on my list is to try and get out and play with that new camera and get some awesome pictures to share.  We have a busy dance weekend coming up, so there should be plenty of opportunity!



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