Monday, May 20, 2013

Picture Day at the Dance Studio

If you were wondering what the dressing room looks like for a dance recital, it's something like this:

This is only 1/4 of it. 

Makeup boxes, glitter, bobbie pins, hairspray, racks and racks and racks of costumes.

Sequins, lace, feathers, and chaos.

And besties being silly.

There was also a performance Saturday evening for all of our competition teams, but I took 832 total pictures this weekend, which is more than this girl can sort through on a lunch break.  More to come soon!

Did I mention that I love my new camera??




  1. OMG - I love your new camera too! You are so talented. Thank you for capture this!

  2. Such great pics! Morgan is a natural beauty and then put makeup up on her and it's like CRAZY model grown up insanity!!!!! Love ya Nance.