Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Knitting class?

I have been knitting more and more everywhere I go.  It's become quite an addiction of mine.  I suppose there are worse addictions out there, right?  Sometimes I wish my addiction was cleaning my house.  Or doing laundry.  Or cooking.  No such luck. 

Lately I've been seen knitting at the hockey rink, the dentist office waiting room, and the dance studio.  I knit my way through the baseball season last summer at the field, and I often knit at my desk at work on my lunch break.

The most common comment I hear when I'm knitting in public is, "oh Nance!  What are you making NOW?"  and then, "Oh my gosh, I'd love to have one.  Will you make me one?"

Now, don't get me wrong, it's very flattering when someone asks me to make something for them.  It means they truly like what I do, and would even wear it themselves!  I love making gifts for people, and watching them open them with delight.  And I love seeing a picture on a friend's blog of a hat that I made them a year ago in every-day use.  There is no better compliment someone could give me than to tell me that something I made them is in use.  LOVE that!

Other comments that I often hear are, "I can't believe you made that." or "How the heck do you do that?" or "I wish I knew how to knit."

So, my question for you is this:

If I were to offer a Knitting 101 class for a small fee, would anyone local be interested in taking it?  I'm certainly not a pro, but  I would love to help anyone get this addiction off the ground.  The infinity scarves are so popular right now, maybe it would be a good first project?  Just think of all of the home-made Christmas presents you could make next year!  We are talking SUPER basic here, for the wet-behind-the-ears beginner.

Anyway, it's just a thought I had.  There would most likely be wine involved, and probably some laughing and fun.  Anyone?




  1. I would do it if you made house calls.


  2. OMG~ I would LOVE it! I only wish we were neighbors! So basically, ditto on Kel's comment!

  3. If I live closer I would totally sign-up!