Monday, February 18, 2013

I made a hat.

There is something so cool about verigated yarn.  One color can be so boring to knit with.

Verigated yarn gives you the coolest, unexpected blips of color, and you never know where exactly they will end up.

Cables and verigated yarn?  Shut up.

So, I made a hat with cables and verigated yarn, and then I got to give it to this princess who is moving to Canada in two weeks.

I'm so sad they are moving!  Princess's brother is on Andy's hockey team, so we've gotten to know them very well.

Princess's mom asked me how much she owed me for making this hat, and I told her I didn't want any money for it.  That's not why I made this hat.  What I got instead of money for payment was worth 10,000 times any amount of money.  I mean, come on.  "I lack you"???  This melted my heart.

See all those numbers up there?  That's how much she loves me.

And she loves me enough to make me a card with a rainbow to let me know how much!  In addition to this perfectly awesome card, I got a pocketful of Valentine chocolate candies, and even better, a hug.  Goodness me.  It's been a while since I've had little arms that size around my neck.  I'd make 100 hats for another little armed hug.

And so little princess, you are welcome.  I love you that much too, plus 1.  I am going to miss you so so much!



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  1. so precious it's not even funny......the hat, the girl, the thank you card! Adore!!!