Monday, June 18, 2012

Trout Lake Resort/Grand Marais Instagramed

I've been going to Grand Marais since I was just a wee one.  My mom grew up here, and my Aunt, with some of her kids still live here and run Trout Lake Resort, which my grandparents opened a long, long time ago.  This past weekend, I was able to spend some time here with my two BFFs and our families.

They really are the world's best donuts.  Don't take my word for it.  Go.  Kelly and Tricia and I got a few hours of time to head in to town without children to spend some grownup time.  Here are Kelly and Tricia acting super grown up.

Ok, this was a little more grown up.  Thank you Gunflint Tavern!

Look what I found!  I told Tricia I could smell it a mile away.  I was good though and didn't indulge at all.  This shop was full of the good stuff though, and I could have easily dropped a few hundo in there.

Back at the resort, our time was filled with eating (spaghetti, crab legs, grilled shark, grandma's German potato salad, the gorgeous fresh salad pictured above).  You are never hungry here, and there is always a place at the table for you.

The kids played The Chicago Bears version of Monopoly as I enjoyed my morning coffee.  I didn't once wish I was in Costa Rica instead of sitting right in this very spot.

We got to meet our new cousin, Anthony, who has bigger cheeks than Andy did when he was a baby!  I thought that was impossible!

The kids and I got to share cabin #2 for the first few nights until Nate was able to join us.  I love this cabin.  I look at each board and every window and wonder which ones my grandpa put into place with his own two hands so many years ago.  Small repairs are made here and there when needed, but most of the cabins are all original. 

No TVs.  No cell phones.  LOTS of birds and chipmunks and trees and fish and mosquitoes and giggling kids swimming and family and memories.

I wish we had more time to make it here more than once per year.

Thank you, to everyone at Trout Lake.  I love you and I miss you already.  See you soooon!



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