Thursday, December 3, 2015

Christmas Magic

Ok, the Christmas bug has bitten me.  Hard.  I love Christmas.

Before I get into it too much though, I found this picture on my phone, and I had intended to include it in the last post and forgot.

I just wanted to mention that I know I totally scored on this gift from Ireland when my daughter (who is still mad at me for not taking her with me on the trip) wore her souvenir to school the very next day that she got them.  I thought she'd save them for St. Patrick's Day, but the girl loves her some funky socks.

Also worth sharing is this tiny finished sweater I whipped up in a weekend for a co-worker who became a grandmother for the first time last week!  I simply ADORE knitting baby goodies and this one just flew off the needles.  I couldn't stop, and I just love how it turned out.  So did she!  It was sent off to the new baby, and hopefully it's keeping him nice and warm, even though he lives south of this:

Isn't it pretty though???  We got a bit of snow the last few days, and it has seriously put me in the cozy Christmas mood.

It clung to the trees in just the prettiest ways!  I have been having a cup of warm tea almost every night, curled up with a blankie on my couch, and working on some more knitting.

Can you stand it?  

When I haven't been on my couch knitting, I've been watching this one.  No, he didn't shrink back down, but he's now donning some new striped gear!  Yes, apparently he doesn't have enough hockey games of his own for me to drive him to, now I need to drive him to more games so he can ref them.  At least he's bringing in a little cash for these games, which will come in very handy when he has to start paying for his own gas in June.

Ok, back to the Christmas cozies.  I love turning on my tree with no other lights on in the house and staring at it!  Cozy Cozy Cozy!

I know there are lots of people that don't like the snow.  I will say that I don't like shoveling the snow.  And I don't like being cold.  But I do like looking at it.

I am also not ashamed to admit that I'm 100% addicted to the horribly cheezy Christmas movies on the Hallmark Channel and Lifetime.  100%.  I love them.  They are all ridiculously predictable.  Full of a girl dating the wrong guy, the REAL Santa, some magic, some conflict, and then the girl meets the right guy and they always end up together.  And the dog saves Christmas.  I can't get enough.  

Lori Loughlin, Doris Roberts, and Candice Cameron have been keeping me company while my family laughs and makes fun of me, but I don't care.  Bring me more little white lights, red bows, and kisses under the mistletoe!  Be with your family!  Don't be a Scrooge!  Kiss the one you love!  I love them and they are only on for another 3 weeks!  I'm going to eat them up as much as I can until then.  And hey, zero calories!

The Nativity is set up where it's supposed to be, and Mary is snuggling baby Jesus.  See?  Even she likes the snuggles.

Love love love.

And I don't know about you, but I feel much safer with a giant camel watching over me in my living room.  (He's not really giant.  But he does watch over the living room.)

Who's with me on the yummy Christmas snuggles and cheesy movies???




  1. ALL THE SNUGGLY THINGS!! πŸ˜„ Makes me almost want to knit socks... 😜

  2. I'm with you on the snow thing! I DON'T like shoveling it, but I LOVE looking at it! I love when the sun shines on fresh, crisp snowfall and all the little crystals shine like stars. There is magic in all of our seasons, even the harsh ones. :) I love your blog, Nancy. Keep writing!

    1. Oh Sheila, thank you for commenting! I LOVE when it sparkles! :) I'll try to keep writing - it gets challenging to think of things that won't bore you to tears! Ha! Merry Christmas!