Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Mon Marche'

Soooo, 'member in my last post when I mentioned that I was making some stuff and there would be more info to come on it?  It's here!!!

I am so excited to announce that I am officially selling some of my hand-knit goodies at the cutest little shop that there ever was.

Mon Marche' (meaning My Marketplace) is located in Princeton, MN, and features several artists/dealers with such unique items for sale, there is something for everyone!

They are in a cool old building on a street running right through the middle of town just oozing with history and character.  They carry upcycled furniture, hand made jewelry, home decor, and much much more.  Including some of my hand-knits!

Plenty of wonderful Christmas gifts inside, that you won't be finding at the mall or on Amazon, that's fo sho.

In addition to the things I posted last time, here are a few others:

Scarf made by the fabulous Morgie Pie!

Newborn baby booties, also made by the Fab Miss M.

Newborn baby hats...

More booties, but these are already sold!  Ka-ching! 

And a Santa hat ornament!

There are also several infinity scarves and headband/earwarmers, that are very hard to photograph on the living room floor without a model.  Ha!

Please go check out more pictures on their Facebook page found right here.  Be sure to "like" them and share my album that they added yesterday.

If you are in the Princeton area and have a free minute or two, stop by, tell them I sent you, and I'm sure you will find something you love!

Now that I can take a break from knitting stuff for the shop, I better get cruising on my Christmas knitting.  Only 57 days left!  ACCCCCK!



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