Thursday, August 14, 2014

Family Softball Tourney 2014

I have not been blogging lately.  Just haven't been feelin' it.  I've had a few ideas of things to blog about, Andy's baseball season, for example, but then I figured it's maybe not that interesting?  I dunno.

But then last weekend I got to spend a bunch of time with my Hooper family, and I had the camera along.  It's easy to blog cute pictures of your nieces and nephews.  Also, when boys have to wear tutu's for earning the last out of an inning, you can be sure that is blog worthy.

So be prepared for a very lengthy, photo heavy blog post.  I hope you aren't trying to pull this up on a dial-up connection.

See what I mean?  Easy.  Bailey is seven months old already, and has the same adorable little face as her brother.

How could I not share these photos?

Carson loves his big cousins!

This is Bailey's signature position.  All is right in the world if she has those two fingers in her mouth.  Hey, at least they never fall to the floor right?  They are usually an easy find for her when she's feeling a little sad.

Oh yeah.  There was more going on than cute kids this last weekend.  I suppose I should take a few pictures of the softball tournament we were there to watch.

Why yes, that is my husband wearing a pink tutu.  He wore it in stride.

Yep, the girls had to take their turn too.

Jay pitched us to victory!

Ok, let's get back to the cute kids.  Vivienne loves her grammy!

And I sure love this one.

The Hoopers are good at making cute kids.  This is in indisputable fact.

Another indisputable fact?  A sleeping baby in your arms NEVER gets old.

Another win!

Cousin Scott was a great manager/bookkeeper for the weekend since he injured his knee and couldn't play this year.

There's another cute Hooper that came to join us!  Miss Brynn!

Go Andy!

Luke's turn for the tutu.  The poor thing was pretty stretched out by the end of the weekend after fitting over quite a few Hooper bellies.

Good times playing with Grandma and Grandpa H!

Seems like a pretty comfy chair to me!

Someone's gotta do all the hard work, right Scott?

It won't be long until you are out there with the rest of them, Carson!

Until then, please keep those curls and keep letting your auntie take pictures of you, ok?

Vivienne isn't a fan of crawling on cement, so she created her own bear crawl method that seemed to work just fine.

Nice hit Luke!

Misty girl came along to cheer everyone on.

We even had some great help to run the score board!


The sunset was GORGEOUS on Friday night.  I need a little practice on sunset pictures, but this one will do for now.

All I can say about this is that it was cold, it was my birthday, and it tasted really, really good.

Nater's turn!

Yep, that's alllll mine ladies.  I happen to think he looks good in pink!

Selfies with Andy!

It has become tradition to hit the huge flea market on Saturday morning, and this year was no exception.  I do love me a good flea market!

I could spend hours and hours and hours wandering and hunting for treasures.

There are probably 10 rows of vendors set up selling everything you can think of.  And some things you probably can't think of.

It goes on and on and on.  Heaven!  Morgan and I bought a few shirts, some sunglasses, and I even found a piece of my pink pyrex that I'm always on the hunt for!  (and apparently taking pictures of my finds wasn't a priority!  Oops!)

Tammy and Macy found a few things too.

Fresh veggies in abundance!

After the flea market, we didn't have a game until 4:30, so we had time to head to St. Paul so the dancer could get fitted for new pointe shoes.  Woo hoo!

Riley is a hoot, and did a great job with my girl.  Thanks Riley!

Happy is the girl who gets new pointe shoes!

The Minneapolis skyline on our drive to St. Paul!

And this is where our Viking's Metrodome used to be.  They are building us a new stadium because apparently they had some money sitting around and nothing to do with it.  But that's a conversation for another day.  hehe.

We headed back from St. Paul in time to catch the annual Wendt party.  There was more hay bale running again this year, but I didn't get my camera out to capture it this time.  I didn't miss the gigantic bonfire though.  Always such a fun time at the farm!

We played THREE games on Sunday, and it rained and rained and rained.  So this is all you get to see of our Sunday games.  

And this is what I stared at for three hours on the long drive home.  Well, that and my knitting project.  

Phew.  That was a lot of pictures to share!  I hope you made it to the end of them all! 

Thank you to all the Hoopers (and those that just might have a different last name, but that's ok) for another fun softball tournament weekend!



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