Monday, May 5, 2014

More dancing

We had our last dance competition of the season this weekend, and all of our dancers did very well again.  The judges this time were a little more stingy with their points, which is not always a bad thing.

The trio did very well, and I had so much fun watching, as always.  I think these three had a great year working on this dance, and learned a lot from each other, and from their awesome teacher.

You seriously never know what kind of poses you are going to get when you ask them for a picture.  It's different and cracks me up every single time.  Goofballs.

Morgan's Hip Hop and Lyrical dances each scored High Gold rankings, with Hip Hop taking 1st place in it's category.  I'm a very proud mama bear!

I really didn't take many pictures this weekend, and kind of failed on my duties of Facebook postings.  Our dressing room was kind of far from the stage, and it was hard to gather girls in any one spot for pictures unless I went backstage, which I didn't at all.  It's not very polite to take pictures in dressing rooms either, because you never know what you might accidentally catch in the background of a picture!  This is a G rated blog! (usually).

We really only have one more performance for friends and family that want to see our competition numbers that won't get performed at the recital, and then the big recital at the beginning of June.  I absolutely can't believe how the year has flown by.  I love watching (and perhaps living slightly vicariously through) my Morgan.  

Morgie Pie, you are simply awesome.  Thanks for letting me tag along on this journey you are on, and fix your hair, and sometimes do your makeup, and help with fixing up your costumes, and cheer from the audience, and watch you grow.  My heart feels like it's going to burst when you come off stage and search for me to give me that big hug.  Nothin' bettah.  I'm so proud of you!



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  1. Morgan wow you are just gorgeous. When I come visit I want to see the dance I'm sure you have copies right Nancy. Miss you guys. Belles recital is next weekend ill send you pictures.
    Miss you guys.