Friday, March 15, 2013

State High School hockey tournament.

Words are kind of escaping me lately, so today, I'll let the pictures do most of the talking.

Our high school team earned its way to the state tournament again this year.

In my hands before the first game even started.

Kinda stinks when you have to play another local team in the first round.  So many of these kids are friends.  #4 is my BFFs son.

Celle after the first win.

I love seeing three Hermantown busses in a row on the way back down to St. Paul.

Boys getting ready before game #2.

Love that panoramic!

Sweet Maddy did such a great job cheering on our boys!

And ready for the championship game!  We ended up losing this one and got second.  There were a few bad calls, but there always are.  It sure was fun to go and experience the whole thing.  Very proud of our boys, they played their hearts out.

Kinda sums it all up right here.

Fun times, good memories.



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  1. I see somebody has blonde hair again!!!!!!!! ahhahaha love it!