Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Memorial Day Weekend

Here's what I did over the long weekend.

Drank some beer...

Ate a LOT of food.  (and didn't cook any of it!)

Had some serious puzzle time.

Listened to the sweetest three-year-old voice telling stories about what he did at "the land" with Uncle T-bone and how the bolt fell off of the golf cart.

Was continually inspired to take more and more and more instagram photos by Tricia.

Witnessed six of the best kids in the WHOLE WORLD make memories they will never forget, with minimal fighting and tattle-tailing.  (photo courtesy of Tricia!)

Watched this, which will NEVER get old.

Went thrifting with my peeps!

Six girls and four thrift stores, and we made some serious damage.

Morgan got practically an entire new wardrobe.

Drank a little more...

Laughed our BUTTS off at a bar.  Who cares that it was 4 PM.  We made it to a bar.  By ourselves.  With no kids.  It was on the way home from the grocery store, but we were there!

Tricia got some of the cutest little juice glasses!

Spent time reading and knitting... (photo courtesy of Tricia!)

And watching the kiddos have fun.

Twelve people, a cat and a dog in one house, and I couldn't ask for one thing to have been different.  I love visiting my sissy, and it was such a bonus to have Tricia and her family there this time! 

LOVE LOVE LOVE these peeps!

Hope you had as fantastic of a weekend as I did!