Monday, February 6, 2012

Ladies Night!

First of all, I'm going to tell you that I am SO bummed that I can no longer blog on my lunch break at work.  This is the main reason for the decline in posts.  Dangit.

This is how the Hooper ladies spend the night when the boys go to a high school hockey game...
First, the princess is picked up at auntie's house after school.  Yes, that is a cow hat with a built in scarf.

Then it's home for a quick craft project and some dinner.

These are painted jars the kids made for a project I'll describe in another post.

Next, off to do a little shopping.

We had to stop for some duvet clips for Morgan's blanket.

Whoa mom!  Those are some BIG forks!

Fluffy bunny tail!!

Well, as long as we're out...

And she can't leave the store without checking out the formal dresses.  :)

And then we were back home for some homework.  Homework is easier with Kool-aid in a wine glass.  We do it right here.

A fun project?

Oh yes we did.

N/A Raspberry jello shots.  Don't you wish your mom was as cool as me?

Then it was time to gather up all my favorite things.  Trader Joe's decaf Chamomile Tea with milk in my favorite mug...

A mystery knitting project that should be in the mail in the next few days... 

And my princess, who was really happy to be snuggled on the couch by me, but was totally sick of me taking pictures of her by this point in the night.

Ahhhh yes.  A good two hours of The Bachelor trash TV.  Kacey B, you better win this.  I really don't understand why Courtney is still there.  I thought Morgan was going to get up and punch the TV when Ben gave her a rose.  Gaaah.

Then, I taught Morgan the proper way to roll your jeans, just like I did in 1990.

Then it was time to tuck her in, after clipping her duvet in place, of course.

Thanks for the fun night, Morgie Pie!  I love you!



 P.S.  I can't wait for it to be light out in the evening for more than 5 minutes after I get home from work so my evening photos aren't so grainy!  I hate using my flash, so you all will have to deal with grainy pictures for a while.  :)


  1. Perfect night!
    I watched RHBH reunion (more trash!) xoxox

  2. Loved the rolled jeans lesson!

  3. Ya not my fav pics of me mom